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FOR GOOD QUALITY SLEEP, I cannot stress the importance of having the best possible mattress. You (hopefully) sleep at least eight hours of every twenty-four hours. This is one-third of your life. If you are going to spend money on one item, it should be your mattress.

The best mattress that I know of.

For years, I have looked for the perfect mattress. I had settled for foam mattresses, or at least mattresses topped by a foam topper. Then, finally, I came across what I consider to be the best mattress ever.

The Innate Sleep Orthopedic Sleep System

It took a team of engineers, guided by a chiropractor, to create a mattress that exceeded my wildest expectations.

Unlike other foam mattresses, the Innate Sleep Orthopedic Sleep System is multilayered. What separates this mattress from all other foam mattresses is its unique third layer.

This third layer is a thin yet sturdy layer of interlocking foam that bows up between two points of downward pressure.

Your spine is curved, and this bowing action in the mattress provides more support to these curves. It creates a wave to match the curves of your spine when you are lying on your back; it also creates a wave to accommodate the curves of your body when you are lying on your side. It fits you whether you are large or small.

This Slick Design is a Game Changer

Other foam mattresses are good at reducing pressure on thicker areas like your shoulders and hips, but they are not good at supporting the thinner areas like the waist and neck. This can negatively affect the low back and neck as you sink into the foam mattress.

A healthy aligned spine makes an S curve. The bowing action of the third layer in the Innate Sleep System creates a wave that supports this curve.

It is similar to how the lumbar support in the seat of a high-end car can be pumped up to support the curve of your low back while you drive. With this mattress, you hardly need pillows because the mattress bows up where you need the support.

Can you see how this multilayered foam mattress is so much more than a foam mattress that just takes the pressure off the pressure points? Can you see how it also supports the curves of your spine? Compare the positions of the spines in the featured image.

Bonus Features of this Mattress

Not only does this mattress support your spine in the best way possible, it is also earth and health friendly.

It uses botanical foam made of corn and soybean, so it doesn’t give off gas like petroleum-based foam does. This was important to me because I could not sleep on my first foam mattress for months because it stank so badly.

It uses a flame-retardant cover, instead of being sprayed with toxic flame-retardant chemicals, to meet federal guidelines.

An Innate Sleep System mattress is cheaper than other therapeutic foam mattresses. When this blog was written, a king-sized bed with box springs and white-glove delivery cost in state was $3,850.00.

Plus, the company has great customer service. It has a thirty-day no-questions-asked return policy. Plus, the company offers a fifteen-year warrantee where they will fix the mattress if the foam loses any feeling of support. You just have to pay for the material and shipping.

Foam does deteriorate over time, so the top foam layer may need to be replaced within ten years. If you choose to pay the cost of the material and shipping, you will basically have a new mattress that should last you another ten years for a few hundred dollars instead of a few thousand dollars.

The mattress is made in America (specifically Indiana).

This company has surpassed all of my expectations. It feels good to finally have a mattress I can recommend! If you would like to purchase this mattress, ask your chiropractor if they can order it for you. If not, contact me at, and I will set you up. You can learn more at

Enhancing your current mattress

If you choose not to invest in an Innate Sleep System mattress, your mattress should be firm for support with at least an inch of foam on top to minimize pressure on your body. I recommend a separate foam topper so you can replace it every three to five years (foam loses its supportive qualities within this time). You should also flip a regular mattress every three months or so, which extends the life of the mattress.

The Best Sleep Positions

The best way to sleep is on your back with a small pillow contoured to support your neck and a wedge pillow under your knees (refer back to Figure 5-3). When your knees are bent, your back flattens out and is fully supported by the mattress.

Not only is sleeping on your back better for your neck and back, but it also keeps your face looking younger because it keeps you from rubbing the skin on your face against a pillowcase all night.

If you are a side sleeper, sleep with a thick neck pillow so your neck remains in a neutral position.

If you sleep with your head tilted to one side, you will compress the nerves on the down side and pull on the nerves on the up side. The compression or stretching of the nerves can lead to neck pain and possibly headaches.

When sleeping on your side, you should also sleep with a pillow between your knees to keep your hips and thighs parallel to one another (helping to keep the lower half of your body in a neutral position). Otherwise, you may strain your pelvis, tailbone, hips, and/or knees as you sleep.

Choosing the Perfect Pillow

I personally use the Pillo-Pedic pillow from Foot Levelers. Because it has a soft and hard side with thick and thin edges, the Pillo-Pedic pillow is like having four pillows in one. The design makes the Pillo-Pedic great for both side and back sleepers.

If you are a side sleeper, lay the Pillo-Pedic with the hard foam side up (Figure 5-7). When lying on your side, you don’t want or need your head to sink into the pillow like you do when you are sleeping on your back.

If you sleep on your back, lay it with the soft side up (Figure 5-8). This allows your head to sink into the pillow and your neck to be supported by the firmer foam edge.

The Pillo-Pedic has a thick and thin firm foam edge. Whether you lie on your back or side, place the thick edge against your shoulders if you have a long neck; use the thin edge if you have a short neck.

Foot Levelers also offers other pillows for specific needs. They can even make a custom-made pillow based on four measurements taken by your healthcare provider.

To learn more, visit:


I always suggest they discuss this with their chiropractor to be sure the positioning is ideal for the conditions that they are working on (i.e., right shoulder tendonitis patients should avoid sleeping on the right side).

In Conclusion

If your sleep is interrupted with back pain, neck pain, a headache, or numbness in your arms, hands, legs, or feet, you are pinching your nerves while you sleep, and you need to change something.

If you wake up with more pain than before you went to sleep, you probably need a new or better mattress and/or pillow. Pain affects the quality of sleep and can interrupt it, and a new mattress and or pillow can help. Talk to your healthcare providers and employees at your local mattress stores to find someone who can help you with your specific needs.

To learn more on sleeping well, look for my up and coming book, “Combat Insomnia”.



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