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Are you suffering from foot, ankle, knee or hip pain? Is it preventing you from your mini, half or full marathon?

Your pain may be from

  • flat feet
  • high arches
  • weak ankles
  • poor balance (proprioception)
  • improper shoes 
  • a twisted pelvis causing your knees to torque
  • fasciitis
  • bursitis
  • myospasm
  • tears (in a labrum, meniscus, ligament, muscle, tendon)
  • hairline fractures
  • a pinched nerve in your back causing pain to run down to your hip, knee or feet
  • a pinched nerve in your ankle causing pain to radiate up and or down from your ankle causing your pain
  • and so many more possibilities...

We can diagnose the real cause of your pain, treating the root issue so you do not just experience less pain, but lasting relief.  That is the Drummond Difference! We get to the root cause of your pain so you experience lasting relief and get you back on track to your running goals!

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Dr. Michael McCoy is more than a spine specialist as a chiropractor, but also a sports chiropractic specialist. This means he took extra training in extremities (including ankle, knee and hip pain), rehabilitation of sports injuries and more. He also is certified in Graston (a technique that speeds the recovery of many sports injuries).  He not only will work on your extremities, but any issue that may be contributing to your condition. He can train you on how to restrengthen your body so that you are less vulnerable to re-injury. 

Do your heels or arches hurt when you run?

foot pain

We offer FREE foot scans:

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See how your feet are negatively impacting your gait.

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Looking for more stretches and exercises that may help? Check out other videos:

Once we determine that we can help your pain, we will treat same day, demonstrate home exercises and stretches you can do to speed your recovery. We will follow up the appointment with a Report of Findings email that details what your condition is, what our treatment plan is and lists the prescribed exercises and stretches, complete with videos that you can follow along with. To learn more, check out:

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