Joint Health

Joints do not rust with time, they "degenerate" under aberrant stressors

Are you in pain? Do your joints hurt? Does your pain stop you from doing the activities you love to do? Have you been told "It's just arthritis" and prescribed pain pills and anti-inflammatories (which have unhealthy side effects and can harm you in the long run)?


You are not "rusting with time". Your joints are living tissue that can repair. Once the body starts loosing the battle of more injury than it can heal from, inflammation overwhelms the joint, and arthritis sets in.


If you allow the joints to heal faster than they are strained/sprained, you will improve over time. You have to "feed" your joints with movement and nutrients.
To help feed the joints so they are better able to repair themselves from the micro-damages that occur with activities of daily living, try taking Glucosamine Sulfate:
Our blend has glucosamine sulfate, glucosamine chondroitin and MSM.  Most joint supplements have glucosamine chondroitin (GC) and not glucosamine sulfate (GS).  GS is the most important ingredient for joint health and repair.  So if you are taking a glucosamine supplement, make sure it has GS. glucosamine sulfate

Our blend is available in our office. You can also find a glucosamine sulfate supplement at Fullscript.
Fullscript is reliable online source for supplements.


Dr. Karin has put together a list of supplements she approves of. For Joint Supplements, check out her list of "Bone and Joint Health".

What you may NOT know about arthritis, is that a leaky gut can contribute to arthritic changes. So healing your gut can enable your body to heal your joints.  CLICK HERE to learn more.

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