canker sore causes and remedies

Suffering from Canker Sores?
Looking for Natural Remedies?

I suffered with canker sores as a child. Eating fruit or food that caused any trauma to the skin in my mouth guaranteed would result in a canker sore. Now as an adult, I only develope canker sores if I bite my cheek or lips.
I have tried everything. I would rinse my mouth out with salt water. I would put honey on it (which did help some). I even resorted to trying over the counter medications (not one to do medicine, but canker sores hurt, and I was looking for relief).
But what I found to work the best is oil pulling with coconut oil. My canker sore would stop hurting immediately after swirling coconut oil in my mouth for a couple minutes, and if I did it 3 or more times a day the canker sore would be gone in a day or two.
If you suffer from canker sores, and your healthcare provider agrees, try this and let me know if it worked for you.
Wishing you good health.
Dr. Karin Drummond

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