Webster Technique

Webster Technique: A Specialized Prenatal Chiropractic Treatment

The Webster technique is a specific technique for patient's who are pregnant. The Webster technique focuses on specific ligaments, muscles, and joints to make the pregnancy and childbirth experience easier. It works on the joints in the pelvis to ensure proper motion so that when the baby is coming through the canal, the pelvis is able to open up without issues. This technique also works on the ligaments to reduce tension on them so that they are not pulling on the uterus or pelvis which causes imbalances. Lastly, the Webster technique works on the muscles by decreasing muscle tension so that they are not pulling on the pelvis. Having these imbalances decreases the space in the canal which can in turn increase the labor time and discomfort during the birth. 
The Webster technique is also beneficial for the baby. By allowing the pelvis to be balanced it gives the baby more room which helps their bodies develop without restrictions. The uterus works best when pressure is taken off of it. Prenatal chiropractic therapy creates space in the body, allowing blood to flow, lymph to drain and nerves to function optimally. The increased abdominal space takes pressure off nerves which increases the neural stimulation that can help the baby develop.This allows the body to work at it's optimum, affecting not only the mother, but the unborn child. This is how the Webster technique makes room for the baby to move into the best position for birth. Other techniques physically turn the baby directly, which is uncomfortable for the mother and has risks associated with it. The Webster Technique itself DOES NOT turn the baby, but instead opens up space in the mother's body creating room for the baby, making it easier for the baby to turn on its own. This is why this specialized prenatal chiropractic therapy, the Webster Technique, is gentle, feels good and is very safe.
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