What not to wear during your visit

What not to wear to the chiropractor


You can wear anything you want, but if you want to avoid having to change into a gown, you may want to avoid these THREE types of cloths:

Stiff clothing that restricts movement

o   Business suits

o   Blazers suit

o   Tight jeans

Cloths that may reveal more than you are comfortable with

o   Short dresses

o   Tops with a large loose neckline

Thick clothing

o   knitted sweaters

o   thickly embroidered clothing

o   shirts with large buttons (may poke you uncomfortably when adjusted)

o   anything that is going to make it difficult to palpate through 

We also suggest not wearing the following:

·      High heels, pointed dress shoes, flip flops or very worn old shoes

o   You will get a lecture about the importance of good fitting and supportive shoes for the health of your feet, knees, hips and spine...

·      Jewelry

o   You can take it off, but be careful not to leave any behind. Countless times we run after patients to return the jewelry before they leave.  Sadly, sometimes it is left behind somewhere we didn’t notice then we don’t know whose it was by the end of the day. So it sits waiting in our lost and found box to be reunited with its owner


Good news – if you forget, and are wearing any of the above-mentioned items, no worries, we have gowns.

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