Menstrual Cramps

Before we share with you natural remedies for menstrual cramps, we want to be clear that you should seek MEDICAL CARE if you have any of the following symptoms:

  • Heavy bleeding (soaking through one pad or tampon within two hours)
  • Have unusual changes to your cycle
  • If menstrual cramps are new to you (make sure this new symptom is not caused by something insidious)
  • Other symptoms including but not limited to increase in acne, unusual fatigue, swelling, as it may be a sign of a disease or syndrome

If you are looking for relief from your regular menstrual cramps (which affect your ability to do activities of daily living), check with your chiropractor to see if these are appropriate for you.

Chiropractic helps with menstrual cramps

We may be biased, but chiropractic can help! Many of our menstruating patients come in monthly for an adjustment as it keeps their cramps minimal if not resolves it completely. How? Your uterus is in your pelvic bowl and the nerves that supply it come from your low back. If there is an imbalance of muscle tone or pressure on the nerves, that can cause the uterus to over contract during census, leading to cramps. Adjustments helps muscles relax, including the uterus!

Natural muscle relaxers

Valerian Root to Help You Relax

Valerian root helps you relax. Often times cramps are caused by tension spiraling into a cramp. Bonus, Valerian root is a natural sleep aid. If your cramps are negatively impacting your ability to sleep, valerian root may help. You can find it in pill and liquid form.

Kava Kava Root for Muscle Spasm

 Kava kava root is a natural muscle relaxer. It should help take the edge off pain caused by cramps if it doesn't relax your cramps completely.

Passion Flower for Relaxation

 Passion flower can help you relax when you are feeling stressed or anxious, which can lead to cramps. You can take it in the form of a tea, or for a stronger dose, you can take it as a tincture. 


As with any muscle relaxer or sleep aid, you should first try these remedies when you don’t have to drive, work, or do anything that you would not do while impaired. It is best to take these herbs at night to help you relax and sleep.


Putting a heating pad on your lower abdominal region often helps with cramps.


Lay on your back, put your feet heels together, knees open out to the side, and relax. This will help open up the pelvic floor and encourage your uterus to relax, relieving you from the pain of the muscles overtly contracting (which causes the cramping sensation).  Again, applying a heating pad on your lower abdomen while in this relaxing position helps.

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