Hidden Causes of Elbow Pain

Elbow Pain? Not sure why? On this webpage we explore different causes of elbow pain that may surprise you.

Most people understand they can develop elbow pain with repetitive actions like when playing tennis, golf or even with activities like gardening. But did you know that chronic contraction of forearm muscles can pull on the elbow to the point of inflaming it?

Wrist Position causing Elbow Pain

Sleeping with your wrists bent at night, or not keeping your wrists neutral while typing on the keyboard can lead to elbow pain. If you have elbow pain, you may want to try sleeping with a wrist brace that holds your wrist in a neutral position, to see if it helps.

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You should feel relief in your elbow after sleeping in a wrist brace for a couple weeks.

Bending your wrists while typing also can cause elbow pain. Many patients think their wrist is in neutral if the top of their wrist is flat, but this is not correct. To ensure your wrist is in a neutral position, make sure the bottom of your wrist is flat.

wrist in neutral neck pain chiropractor

The top of the hand will look like it is tilting up, but if you flatten the top part of your hand, your forearm muscles will pull on your elbow, which can eventually lead to elbow pain.

wrist in poor position cause wrist pain neck pain chiropractor Bending the wrist also compresses the carpal tunnel, causing irritation of the median nerve, which can result in carpal tunnel syndrome (pain and numbness in the palmar aspect of the wrist, thumb, and index and middle fingers).

Place your keyboard and mouse at the proper height. Your mouse and keyboard need to be at a height that allows your lower arms to be parallel to the floor. A good chair will have an adjustable height so you can make the adjustments needed for correct arm (& leg positions). A good standing desk will have an adjustable height to allow for correct arm positioning. To learn more about proper desk ergonomics, CLICK HERE.

Elbow pain can be coming from impaired lymphatic drainage

Lymph is the system that drains the metabolic waste from your muscles. If you are working your arms so much that it is producing more waste than you can drain, this can lead to elbow pain. Conversely, if you are not moving your arms enough to help pump this toxic fluid out of your arms, this also can lead to more elbow pain. If you have had shoulder surgery or lymph nodes removed, and developed elbow pain afterwards, it may be from the impaired lymph drainage, causing a pooling of lymph in your elbows. Regardless of the cause of the lymph build up in you elbow, lymphatic drainage can help this type of elbow pain.

Elbow pain can be coming from a pinched nerve in your neck

The nerves that supply the elbow come from your neck. So if you have a neck condition that is irritating these nerves, your brain can perceive this as elbow pain. Plus, the muscles that move your arm anchor on your neck, so if you have muscle imbalances, this can cause you to move your elbow in a way that irritates it.

This is why having a chiropractor that looks at more than just your region of pain. If you have elbow pain, you neck, upper back, shoulder, wrist and fingers should be examines as well as your elbow, to get to the root cause of your elbow pain.

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