Wrist Pain & Carpal Tunnel

Suffering from wrist pain? Hand pain? Finger pain? It may not be Carpal Tunnel Syndrome! 

We will get to the root cause of your wrist, hand, finger pain, so when we treat it, it will not only feel better but be less likely to return. 
That is the Drummond Difference. 

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You may be surprised to find out that your wrist pain is a symptom of poor work economics, lymphatic back up, tendonosis of an arm muscle, or maybe it is caused by something wrong with your wrist. Regardless of the cause of your wrist pain, we will find it with a thorough history and exam, then determine the best treatment plan for it, even if it means referring you out. We are more affordable than orthopedic surgeons and physical therapists, so start with us, and if able, we will get you back pain free as soon as possible. 

Dr. Michael McCoy is more than a spine specialist as a chiropractor, but also a joint (including wrist pain) specialist. He not only will work on your wrist, but any issue that may be contributing to your wrist condition. He can train you on how to restrengthen and stretch your arm, hand and fingers so you are less vulnerable to re-occurance.

Hand finger wrist pain

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Once we determine that we can help your wrist/hand condition, we will treat same day, demonstrate home exercises and stretches you can do to speed your recovery. We will follow up the appointment with a Report of Findings email that details what your condition is, what our treatment plan is and lists the prescribed exercises and stretches, complete with videos that you can follow along with. To learn more, check out:

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Tips on how to self massage your hands and arms:

Often times, hand pain is from either wrist impingement, upper arm muscle impingement or cervical (neck) impingement causing the nerves running through them to scream to the brain "hand pain" as that is all that those nerves know what to say. So if you have finger, wrist or hand pain, it is usually effective to massage not just where you hurt, but above, below, in front and behind where you hurt.  

When massaging your extremities, like your forearms and hands, always press harder on the stroke up (toward the heart) and lighter on the stroke down (away from the heart). That way, you assist the lymphatic and vascular drainage. If you stroke firmly away from your heart, you may hinder this drainage and cause pain and swelling of the fingers and hands. 

Many devices at a wide range of price points are available to help you self-massage. I prefer vibrating massage tools with a long handle to make reaching the back of the neck and upper back easier. Tight muscles of the neck and upper back are often the source of pain in the arm and hands (as they pinch the nerves supplying the arms and hands). So don't forget to massage the neck and upper back as well as your arm and hand muscles! Such vibrating massage tools run from as little as $30 to hundreds of dollars.

I also recommend tools like the Thera Cane and Body Back Buddy (Figure). They help you press on trigger points in the back of your torso and neck while keeping your arms down, which allows the upper back muscles to stay relaxed.

back buddy

But no self-massage is better than a professional body work. If you suffer from arm, elbow, hand or finger pain, consider treating yourself to regular professional body work. I personally regularly receive chiropractic care because I have a physical job being a chiropractor. If you sit at a computer all day, it is important to stretch regularly and treat yourself to some form of body work at least once a month as well.

If you find the relief you get from a professional body work does not last more than a day or two, try a new chiropractor or body worker. If a chiropractor just stretches your joints, yet doesn’t release your muscle tension, your bones will become restricted with the constant pressures exerted on them. This is why I prefer practitioners that marry these techniques with massage, cupping, dry needling, Graston or Gua Sha.

If you are looking for lasting relief of your upper extremity condition, we can help!

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More tips on how to self massage hand pain away:

Pressure Points in the Hand and Wrist

 You can also try pressing on tender spots in your hands to see if it helps your head pain. The spots shown below are considered by many to be effective pressure points. At worst, pressing on these points will help your hands feel better.

hand pressure points - posterior

hand pressure points wrist

If any of these spots are tender, press and hold for three breaths, relax, and repeat up to three times. You can repeat every hour as needed.

If you find other tender spots in your hand, work on them as well. If a spot is tender, it’s a sign that the tissue is not happy. Relieve the tenderness with the press-and-hold technique. This helps get the fluids flowing in your tissues, thereby facilitating their healing. Treating these pressure points may also help your hand pain.

thenar pressure point in hand

hand thenar palm point

self treating hand pain I find the most common tender spot for hand and wrist pain suffers is in the web of the hand (the thenar eminence) between your thumb and forefinger (Figured above).

To open up the nerve flow from the neck to the hands, try this trick:

 Interlace your fingers and place your hands behind your head (Figured below). Tuck your chin in, press your head back into your hands, and squeeze your shoulder blades together. Hold this for five breaths.

hand behind head stretch for hand pain

You can do this exercise either seated or standing. If you do it while standing, be careful not to arch your back too much; otherwise, you will hyperextend it (you want the mid-back to arch, not the lower back to compress). The purpose of this stretch is to create space between the bones of your neck, so there is more room for the nerves that flow from your brain, out your neck into your hands. This stretch often relieves pain, tingling and numbness of the hand if these symptoms are caused by pinched nerves in the neck.

Again, you don't have to be in pain! 

We can help!

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