Frozen Shoulder

Can't raise your arm above your shoulder? 

A chiropractor can find out the root cause of your shoulder restriction and treat it. If you have shoulder pain, then keep reading for tips on home remedies. As with any health advice, confirm that the following is applicable for you and your specific health care needs with your healthcare provider.

What is frozen shoulder?

Frozen shoulder is a condition where the shoulder develops adhesions that limit the shoulder's ability to move fully. This can be due to trauma, micro trauma or even develop insidiously, where the patient does not have any known cause of the sudden onset of not being able to raise their arm above the horizon.

How is frozen shoulder diagnosed?

Simple orthopedic exams can confirm your pain is due to frozen shoulder and not other conditions like rotator cuff injuries or bursitis.

How is frozen shoulder treated?

All of our chiropractors have great success with chiropractic manipulation to the shoulder (which loosens the joint capsule), Graston therapy (which breaks up the adhesions around the shoulder), and other modalities if needed. We show you how to self treat between visits to speed your recovery. We also show stretches and strengthening exercises to help maintain the benefits you experience with each chiropractic treatment.

How many treatments does frozen shoulder take to treat?

All of our chiropractors usually see great improvement in the range of motion of the shoulder within six visits. Once most of the range of motion has been achieved, your chiropractor will start spacing out treatments as you will be shown how to keep the benefits of your treatments with home stretches and exercises.

For a sneak peak of the common stretches and exercises we prescribe, check out our YouTube video:

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