Is popping your neck or back good or bad

Emma was kind enough to let us video her first adjustment EVER!

In the video, you can witness how surprised Emma was during her first adjustment. Despite it being a gentle small adjustment, it was still shocking. She pops her own spine all the time. Despite this, she was awed about the difference a professional adjustment feels like. So much relief so quickly!

Is it safe to pop your own neck or back?

If you pop your neck or back, it is not necessarily a "bad" or "good" thing. It depends on the situation. If you feel tight, and your stretch results in a pop that provides relief for over an hour, usually this is a good pop.
But if you strain something, like pull on your jaw to pop your neck, you may injure your jaw.

If you pop you joints out of habit, just like anything, too much of a good thing is not good. It can lead to laxity in the very ligaments you want tight enough to stabilize you. If you want to be sure if the way you are popping your joints is a good thing, talk to a chiropractor. We are the joint popping experts.

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