Mid-back pain

Do you have mid-back pain? 

Concerned it is caused by a serious disease?
You heart? Your kidney? Gallbladder?

We will get to the root cause of your mid-back pain. If it is something we determine treatable with chiropractic, it will not only feel better but be less likely to return. Else we will refer you out to an appropriate specialist for your specific condition.

That is the Drummond Difference. 

Stretches and home remedies for mid-back pain

Before you try any new remedy, talk with your health care provider to verify it is appropriate for your specific condition. Hopefully that is one of our chiropractors here at Drummond Chiropractic. You do not want to try stretching away mid-back pain if the pain is from your gall bladder!

We are more than regular neck and pain chiropractors, we are diagnosticians. If your mid-back pain is from a spinal injury, we have Dr. McCoy, a sports chiropractic specialist on staff, with specialized training with spinal injuries, be it from sports, or from regular day activities like sitting too much between driving, working at the computer, or watching TV, horsing around with your kids, helping a friend move furniture, or simply reaching to pick up something. You do not have to be an elite athlete to take advantage of his skills with wrist, hand and finger injuries.

Using the lacrosse ball and foam roller to help relief mid-back pain

Chest pain, have you been mis-diagnosed?

Chest pain - have you been mis-diagnosed?

Worried about what is causing your mid-back pain?

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After our history and exam, we will be able to determine the root cause of your condition that is causing your mid-back pain. We will refer you to an appropriate specialist if warranted. If we determine that we CAN help your mid-back pain. Once we rule out insidious causes of your mid-back pain, and determine that we can effectively treat your mid-back pain, we will treat same day, demonstrate home exercises and stretches you can do to speed your recovery. We will follow up the appointment with a Report of Findings email that details what your condition is, what our treatment plan is and lists the prescribed exercises and stretches, complete with videos that you can follow along with. 

Bonus: We Can Bill Insurance. 

Experience the Drummond Difference. 

To learn more about our follow up e-mail, check out:


Taking Pain Pills for your mid-back pain?  


Pain pills do not fix the problem and are harmful to your health.  
Instead, talk to your chiropractor about using natural remedies, like supplements, herbs, TENS units, stretching, exercises and more. Keep reading to learn about healthier options to pain pills.


supplements for shoulder pain

Or talk about using a TENs unit for your pain.
CLICK HERE to learn about TENs units and how they can help your pain.

Most mid-back pain is from poor posture. We sit too much, and slouching is a common cause of mid-back pain. The following are stretches to combat pain from slouching. Before trying any stretches, be sure to verify with your healthcare professional that they are safe and appropriate for your specific condition:


I cannot stress enough that if you have mid-back pain, it is imperative that you stretch your tight muscles and strengthen your loose muscles. When your muscles aren’t too tight and aren’t too loose, you will hold the beneficial effects of your treatments longer and be less vulnerable to injury. Research supports that home exercise is more effective than taking medicine.[1] 

Here I, Dr. Karin, share some of the floor exercises and stretches I used to loosen up my mid-back after my car crash. These stretches also help with combating the effects of sitting and slouching. Doing these stretches should keep your spine from hyper-kyphosis (where your spine bends into an "old person curve").  To combat the effects of gravity, you have to stretch frequently. It's not about the intensity (if you are feeling a strain, you are likely straining (harming) your back, if you are feeling the stretch, you are healing it, if you are baby'ing it, you are letting it weaken over time, making it more vulnerable to injury.  It is a fine line between straining and weakening. Like Goldilocks, you want the strengthening and stretching to not be too "hot" (straining) or too "cold" (baby'ing) but "just right" (healing).

mid-back pain stretches

You do NOT have to be in pain!

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