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Injured from sports, activities, car crash or at work?  Dr. McCoy is your chiropractor.
Pregnant? Looking for a chiropractor for your baby or child? Dr. Mandi is you chiropractor.
Difficult to adjust? Have foot pain? Dr. Henry is your chiropractor.
Feeling older than your years? Is it getting painful to do activities you love? Dr. Campbell is your chiropractor.
Prefer a female chiropractor? We have two. Dr. Mandi and Dr. Campbell.

best Chiropractor.
Why? Because we are all


Affordable:  We accept most insurance.  We have reasonable fees.  We offer payment same day discounts.  We aim to get you well in as little visits as possible.  We rarely need costly imaging.  We usually do your first treatment during your first visit. We are not the cheapest (or most expensive) per visit, but because we get to the root cause of your pain and teach you how you can hold the benefits of the treatments through stretching, exercises, and other home remedies, you should not need as many visits as you would with other styles of chiropractic. So if you question a chiropractor how much their visit costs, also ask how many treatments does the chiropractic average per patient. Why pay for 12 cheap visits if we can get you better in 6? We would be cheaper in the long run, in both money and your valuable time.

Convenient:  With multiple chiropractors, we have long hours, offering morning, noon and evening hours.   One of us should be able to see you the same day.  You do not have to wait to get out of pain!  We are easily accessible from both Tenth and Walnut street, right downtown Bloomington, with plenty of parking.  We have been located in Bloomington, Indiana since 2000 and voted the #1 chiropractor several times and in the top three most years.

Effective Experts:  We have several excellent chiropractors, each with their own unique specialties, one of which should be able to help you.   If you are not getting the relief as expected, all chiropractors will put their heads together to come up with an even better treatment plan, or refer you to the best specialist for your specific needs.  You basically get several chiropractors experiences for the price of one. We've pooled our resources to be able to afford top-of-the-line equipment, some designed for speedy results, others designed to make the treatments more comfortable and gentle while still being effective. We cater your treatment to your specific needs and preferences.  To find out how effect we are, check out our testimonials on Google, Facebook, Yelp and other sites.


    • To listen to you and treat you like the intelligent being you are
    • To give you the time you need
    • To get you well with the least amount of visits
    • To provide you with information that can speed your healing
    • To refer to other health care providers if needed
    • To objectively chart your progress, to verify the treatments are working as projected

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