Ear Pain - Natural Remedies

Ear Pain? Reoccurring Ear Infections?
Looking for Natural Remedies? Then these videos are for you:

Not only does Dr. Karin talk about natural remedies that work, but natural "remedies" that DO NOT work!
1. Do NOT use q-tips in attempting to remove wax! It can push the wax deeper into the ear canal or worse, cause an impaction of the ear wax, making it even more difficult to remove the ear wax. Plus, using q-tips can irritate the lining of the ear canal, stimulating it to make even more ear wax.
2. Don't waste time with ear candling. Dr. Karin has not found this to be an effective technique.
Instead try 3. Ear Oil!!! Watch the video for a demonstration.
4. Gargle with salt water. Bacteria and grow in the back of the throat and re-infect the ear. So keep it clean.
5. Clean out the sinuses. Sinuses can also harbor bacteria, which can drain into the throat, which again, can climb up the Eustachian tube and re-infect the inner ear.
6. Cranial release to help the sinuses drain.
7. Avoid allergens.
8. Eat foods that support the immune system, garlic, turmeric, honey, etc.
9. Supplements may help, like echinacea, vitamin C, etc
10. Sleep well!
Sleep is important for your overall health. If you are sleep deprived, this negatively impacts your general health.

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