Pregnancy Health Tips

Dr. Mandi shares her health tips on our YouTube videos. You can check them out here:

Health tips:

Did you know there are some foods you should avoid if you are pregnant?

Just because herbs are natural, does not mean they are safe during pregnancy. Learn more by watching:

If you have round ligament pain during your pregnancy, we can help! She made this video for her patients who have round ligament pain, to remind them how to self release their own round ligament, so the benefit of their treatment lasts longer.

Follow long with Dr. Mandi on her first pregnancy journey and see what you can expect with your own pregnancy.  She delivered her first baby on January 22, 2021, and her second baby on June 28th, 2022!


Are you pregnant and have a sit down job? Pregnant ladies should be especially attentive to moving throughout the day. They should also completely avoid sitting cross-legged. It is my observation that pregnant women who sit for prolonged periods of time tend to end up with their babies breach.

Sitting cross-legged adds increased pressure to your lower pelvic bowl, and that pressure would work against the baby dropping head down in the last weeks of pregnancy. Maybe there will be studies to prove this one day. For now, I advise pregnant women to avoid sitting cross-legged. Instead, they should sit with their knees apart and the buttock pressed out and back, so there is plenty of room for the baby to drop down, especially in the last weeks of pregnancy. To learn more, check out my book “Top Seven Ways to Combat the Effects of Sitting: The Silent Killer”. Available on Amazon.

Dr. Mandi can show you stretches and exercises you can do throughout the day to keep the pelvis mobile and open so baby has an easier time going head down.

Want to learn more about breech babies and the Webster Technique that helps? CLICK HERE

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