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Are you suffering from low back pain and are looking for relief? You have come to the right place! 
All of our chiropractors are have GREAT SUCCESS with treating LOW BACK PAIN.
You may even be a one visit wonder... We love these! It is great for our egos when patients walk in, bent over crippled with pain and then walks out with a smile on their face and a skip to their step. 

But if you have a pinched nerve or sciatica, don't wait! Waiting could result in permanent nerve damage! With three experienced chiropractors on staff, we are likely to be able to get you an appointment today. Click Here to schedule with us.  We are here to help you on your journey back to health.  Here is a testimonial one of our patient's kindly posted on social media:

Crooked to straight patient with testimonial

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Why your treatments may not be helping your low back pain

To watch Dr. McCoy explain our McKenzie Protocol, watch:

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Maybe you are finding yourself getting stiffer, and finding it more difficult to do the things you love to do.  Maybe your sleep is starting to get affected, negatively impacting your life. Maybe your condition is worsening, and starting to radiate down into your legs. Maybe you are curious to learn what chiropractic can do for you.  

What ever the reason, we here at Drummond Chiropractic are here to help you.  We provide the best assessment, treatment options and advice to get you back on track with the greatest results as fast as possible.  We find and treat for the root cause of the pain, not a temporary relief like pain relievers or massage. You may be surprised to learn your low back pain may be from an imbalance in your feet, from your computer desk not set up properly for you, or your mattress is to old.  Regardless of the cause of your low back pain, our goal is to find it and correct it.  If you are experiencing any pain, visit us today.

Bonus: we can bill insurance.

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If you would like to check out Dr. Karin's book on low back pain, CLICK HERE

Dr. Karin's book on Low Back Pain

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