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We will get to the root cause of your pain, so when we treat it,
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Looking for home remedies for migraine or headache relief?
Scroll down for stretches, exercises and other home remedies for head pain relief.
Before you try any new remedy, talk with your health care provider to verify it is appropriate for your specific condition. Hopefully that is one of our chiropractors here at Drummond Chiropractic.

That is the Drummond Difference.

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"Dr. Karin Drummond's chiropractic care changed my life. I've suffered from migraines for over 15 years. I was exasperated because the migraines escalated a few months ago and I was taking approximately nine of the at-onset migraine pills in a month. That's too much! Migraines, for me, are often triggered by neck pain. I have bone spurs in my neck so I started to wonder if this was my new normal. I feverently prayed for God to lead me to get the care that I needed. In typical God fashion, He answered by prayer! He used a Dr. Karin infomercial on tv and a dear friend to convince me to schedule an appointment. Got put in on my heart that I was out of alignment. He nudged me to make the take the next step toward wellness. OH MY GOODNESS - I just went over a month without taking the migraine pill! it is a miracle. It is life-changing. We are in the process of re-training my body how it is supposed to be.  I'm working on my posture, ergonomics at work, and I'm committed to taking more frequent breaks. These are simple tasks that will assist me in wellness. I'm immensely grateful to my sweet Savior for leading me to Dr. Karin Drummond. Dr. Karin is wise, kind, knowledgeable, patient, compassionate, innovative and spunky!" - S. C.

We treat headaches and migraines
not just through chiropractic manipulation, but by 

cranial release,
nutritional advice,
sleep support
and more.

To see Dr. Karin's Facebook live on how to self massage for headaches:

Once we determine that we can help you with your migraines or headaches, we will perform the migraine treatment or headache treatment that the same day, demonstrate home exercises and stretches you can do to speed your recovery and advise you on nutrition and herbs that may help. 

You may be surprised to find out that your headache or migraine is a symptom of a nerve being pinched in your neck, jaw dysfunction, lymphatic back up, tendonosis of an muscle, sleep disturbances, sinus issues, allergies, food sensitivities, hormone imbalance or maybe it is caused by something even more surprising. Regardless of the cause of your headache or migraine, we will find it with a thorough history and exam, then determine the best headache treatment or migraine treatment for your specific migraine or headache type, even if it means referring you out. We are more affordable than neurosurgeons, neurologists and physical therapists, so start with us, and if able, we will get you pain free as soon as possible. 

Dr. Michael McCoy and Dr. Mandi McCoy are both more than a spine specialists as chiropractors, but also headache specialists and migraine specialists. They not only will work on your neck and cranium, but any issue that may be contributing to your migraines and headaches. They can train you on home remedies, stretches, herbs, diets and therapies that will decrease the likelihood of your migraines and or headaches returning.

Keep Scrolling Down For More Headache Relief Tips

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Excerpt from Dr. Karin Drummond's book:  
"Combat Headaches" 

Headaches are often difficult to treat because there is usually more than one culprit. You may be treating one cause, yet you may then get a headache resulting from something completely different. This complexity demonstrates why you need to have a team of healthcare professionals on your side, helping you get to the root cause of your head pain instead of masking symptoms with pain medication. 

How to determine what type of headache you are suffering from?


Dr. Karin Drummond's Personal Thoughts on Headaches

 I have read literature written by various medical doctors and neurosurgeons who have different opinions on the causes and treatments of headaches. Some even suggest all headaches are simply different expressions of a migraine, which is a swelling of the blood vessels of the brain caused by different triggers. 

I believe they came to this conclusion because they see headache patients whose treatments failed them because they had migraine headaches that mimicked other types of headaches.

These patients likely were misdiagnosed because they did not have the classic migraine (in which the temporal artery is inflamed, causing one-sided head pain). Instead, the patients were misdiagnosed as having sinus, tension, or other types of headaches. Migraines can mimic these types of head pains if the inflammation is in a blood vessel other than the temporal artery.

This doesn’t mean that there aren’t other types of headaches. I personally have diagnosed a plethora of different headaches and have treated each according to the type of headache. I have successfully treated all but a few. The patients who continued to have headaches were not able or willing to make the lifestyle changes necessary to cure their headaches. Some patients just need to tweak their lifestyle, while others have to make major adjustments to their lifestyle as well as their career.

Regardless of the type of headache you suffer from, chiropractic care, eating well, stretching well, exercising throughout the day, and sleeping well will cure you. Healthy habits help you deal with the daily stressors outside of your control, lessening the degree to which affect you. 

But the question is, what eating habits, what stretches and exercises, and what amount of sleep will be best for your specific type of headache? I address all of these topics here and in my book, Combat Headaches.

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You don't have to suffer with migraines or headaches! 

You don't have to be in pain! Why Wait?




MANY HEADACHES (and some types of dizziness) are triggered when you eat certain foods. In some cases, you may have a food sensitivity; in other situations, the headache may be triggered by chemicals added to food (preservatives, flavorings, etc.). You may also experience headaches because of seasonal allergies. Or nutritional deficiencies. Click below for my advice on surprising headache triggers and headache helpers.

headache triggers

Again, we can help get to the root cause of your headaches and migraines!

Hidden causes of head pain: 

You may be surprised by what can be the cause of your headaches. Click the box below to learn more.

hidden causes of head pain

You don't have to suffer with migraines or headaches! 


SLEEP DEPRIVATION CAN BE a trigger for headaches. For optimal health, make sure to get at least eight hours of sleep every night. Studies have suggested that to be healthy, people should get seven to nine hours of sleep a night.

If you get less than six hours of sleep, you are at a high risk of cancer and early death from disease. Sleep deprivation also makes you vulnerable, and if you tend to get headaches, sleep deprivation will increase your vulnerability to your headache triggers.

To learn more about how to combat Insomnia, check out our COMBAT INSOMNIA WEBPAGE



PRESSURE POINTS are points on the body that you press to relieve a symptom. Trigger points are tender muscle spasms that can put pressure on a nerve, leading to pain in another area of the body. 

Trigger Points in Your Neck and Shoulders that may relieve your headache

headache stretches

How to use a TENS unit for Migraines and Headaches:


Dry eyes can be a trigger for headaches.

Holding back tears can also be a surprising trigger...

You do not have to keep suffering!  

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healthy eating

Healthy sleep


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