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Types of scoliosis

If the curve is in the middle of the spine (the thoracic region of the spine), it is called a Thoracic Scoliosis.

If the curve is between the middle and low back, it is called a Thoracolumbar Scoliosis.

If the curve is in the low back (the lumbar region of the spine), it is called a Lumbar Scoliosis.

If it curves one way in the low back and another way in the mid back, it is called a double curve.


If you look at the back and the curve is "C" curve where it is curving towards the left, it is called a Levoscoliosis ("levo" means left).


If the curve is a backwards "C" as viewed from the back, curving to the right is called Dextroscoliosis ("dextro" means right).

How to diagnose scoliosis

A simple Adams test (where you bend over) will show if your spine has scoliosis.

We can measure with a scoliosis measuring tool to see if it is severe enough to warrant doing an x-ray. Chiropractic, home exercises and stretches often keep the curve from progression. We will check during every visit that your spinal curvature is maintaining (if not improving).

scoliosis measuring

If your curve is moderate, X-rays may be prescribed. X-rays may be used to confirm that the chiropractic treatments, exercises and stretches are preventing the progression of the spinal curvature(s). If your spinal curvature continues to progress despite these non invasive remedies, other more aggressive treatments will be discussed.

chiropractic Scoliosis Treatments

Our chiropractors will likely perform manipulations that help keep your spine functional and mobile. Our chiropractors will also help you learn exercises and stretches that will help improve the function of your spine and keep you pain free. 

Although chiropractic treatment is not a cure for scoliosis, it improves the quality of life of people with scoliosis. Scoliosis does not cause pain, but can make one more susceptible to pain if you do not keep the spine functional. As long as the spine remains flexible, and the muscles strong, it can tolerate the slight additional stress the curves cause. 

You can lead a pain free normal life with scoliosis.

Personal Trainers and Physical Therapy can help if you have scoliosis

We work with personal trainers and or physical therapists who are well versed in helping patients with scoliosis. They can help you strengthen and stretch your spine so it is less vulnerable to injury and pain.

Scoliosis Bracing

Bracing is also not a cure for scoliosis, but can help prevent the curves from getting severe. One issue with bracing is it may cause a strengthening of the muscles that encourage the curve. The analogy is when you have a low right shoulder, if you wear a purse on the high left shoulder, which would seem to help hold it down, the muscles that raise the left shoulder get stronger from holding the purse. So when you stop wearing the purse, the left shoulder raises even higher.

We have found that if braces are worn while sleeping allows for the curve to be held from worsening, without the risk of the muscles that need stretch from strengthening in resistance.

Some doctors suggest to only take the brace off during exercise or bathing. 

This is where getting the advise from multiple doctors is imperative to decide what is best for your specific case.

Scoliosis Surgery

If your scoliosis is severe enough the health of your lungs, heart and organs are impaired, scoliosis surgery may be warranted. After surgery, your spine will be straighter, but less functional. The joints above and below the fused region become more stressed as they have to compensate for the loss of motion in the fused regions. You may look straighter, but you may not feel better. Again, we advise talking to multiple doctors, surgeons and gather testimonials from patients who opted to and not to do bracing/surgery.

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