Warning Signs of Jaw Pain Not to Ignore

Jaw pain can be a sign of a
heart attack or dissecting artery

Heart attacks usually cause chest pain, a heaviness to the chest, pain into the left shoulder blade region, left shoulder and even down into the left arm. But heart attacks can also shoot pain up into the JAW as well as the neck, the right side down into the right arm.  It can cause a heart burn sensation like you feel with GERD.  Heart attacks can cause a shortness of breath and sense of doom.

One of the big differentiating factors of a heart attack versus a muscle-skeletal cause of pain is that during a heart attack, you can not find a comfortable position. You end up writhing in pain, looking for relief. If it was due to the jaw, neck, rib, shoulder or mid-back joint or muscle injury, you usually can find a position that alleviates the pain. 

Another differentiating factor is if you pain worsens with cardio-vascular taxing activities (like going upstairs), SEEK IMMEDIATE MEDICAL ATTENTION. Heart attacks are time sensitive. The sooner you get medical treatment the better. If your pain is due to a shoulder, rib or back injury, going up the stairs should not make it feel worse.

Jaw pain can be a sign of an infected tooth

If your jaw pain is not affected by them movement of your jaw, there is a chance that the pain is caused by something else referring pain to your jaw.

When it doubt, see your healthcare provider. If in Bloomington, Indiana, we have multiple doctors on staff, making it likely one of us can see you on the SAME DAY, to help determine if you need medical attention. If not, and we find your pain is due to an injury to your jaw, or other region in your body, like your neck, shoulder, back or rib, we can treat you so you can get the relief (both mentally and physically) that you are looking for.

We will get to the root cause of your jaw pain, and explain the course of treatment best for your condition, be it with one of our chiropractors or a different health care provider.

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