Knee Pain and Stiffness

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Is your knee pain limiting you? 

Can't run the marathon you signed up for?
Missing out on walking with your walking group?
Gaining weight because you can't exercise with your knee pain?
We will get to the root cause of your knee pain, so when we treat it, it will not only feel better but be less likely to return. 


Scroll down for stretches, exercises and other home remedies for knee pain relief. Before you try any new remedy, talk with your health care provider to verify it is appropriate for your specific condition. Hopefully that is one of our chiropractors here at Drummond Chiropractic. We are more than neck and pain chiropractors. We have Dr. McCoy, a sports chiropractic specialist on staff, with specialized training with knee injuries, be it from sports, or from regular day activities like misstepping off a curb, lunging for an object falling off a counter, carrying your children up the stairs, squatting down to pick something up or starting a new exercise regimen. You do not have to be an elite athlete to take advantage of his skills with knee injuries

That is the Drummond Difference. 

Scroll down for more home remedies for knee pain and to learn more about what may be causing your knee pain.

You may be surprised to find out that your knee pain is a symptom of poorly fitted shoes, lymphatic back up, tendinosis of a thigh muscle, or maybe it is caused by something wrong with your knee. Regardless of the cause of your knee pain, we will find it with a thorough history and exam, then determine the best treatment plan for it, even if it means referring you out. We are more affordable than orthopedic surgeons and physical therapists, so start with us, and if able, we will get you back on your feet as soon as possible. Scroll down to learn about hidden causes of knee pain.

Dr. Michael McCoy is more than a spine specialist as a chiropractor, but also a joint (especially knee) specialist. He not only will work on your knee, but any issue that may be contributing to your knee condition. He can train you on how to restrengthen your body so that your knee is less vulnerable to re-injury.

In pain? Looking for tips to help relieve the pain? Check out our demonstration on how to use a foam roller and lacrosse balls. Scroll down for more stretches and exercises.

Don't blame your age for your pain

Don't blame your age! Blame your ailment. We can get to the root cause of your knee pain, and will refer you an appropriate specialist if warranted.

If we determine that we CAN help your condition, we will treat same day, demonstrate home exercises and stretches you can do to speed your recovery. We will follow up the appointment with a Report of Findings email that details what your condition is, what our treatment plan is and lists the prescribed exercises and stretches, complete with videos that you can follow along with. To learn more, check out:

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In this video we share one way we adjust the knee here at Drummond Chiropractic. We have gentler adjustments and other treatment modalities to facilitate knee healing and reduce your knee pain:

If your treatments are not providing lasting relief for your knee pain, it may be because the foundation on which you stand is off! You may need orthotics to keep your body in alignment, to take the stress off of your knees! Something worth examining.

Crooked man from footlevelers

With the figure above, can you see how if the arches of your feet are collapsing, that this places a strain on your knees. Collapsed arches causes the knees it rotate. Knees are hinge joints, so they like to bend straight (without any rotation). Wearing orthotics minimizes the collapsing of the arches of the feet, so minimizes the rotation of the knees. So wearing orthotics will also help your knees! Orthotics decrease the amount of stress on knees that lead to early wear and tear.  Bonus! We offer free foot scans!!!


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Sitting and Knee Pain

 At a minimum, prolonged sitting increases swelling of the legs, and over time, the swelling can become uncomfortable and even painful.

lymph back up causing knee pain

Figure 14‑1: Prolonged sitting can cause knee and foot pain.

I have had patients come to me thinking they have something wrong with their knees because they feel severe knee pain when they first stand up. Upon questioning, I discover that their pain improves with walking. This tells me they don’t have something wrong with their knees, but likely are experiencing pain caused by swollen lower extremities.

When your knees are swollen, it hurts to bear weight at first. As you move around, the fluids causing the swelling drain, and the pain lessens. It doesn’t take a noticeable amount of swelling to be painful. Patients who have swelling caused by too much sitting are often relieved to find out they don’t need to buy expensive orthotics or have invasive surgery.

Other Causes of Swollen knees

Knees can also swell from standing for long periods of time on a regular basis, flying in airplanes, long commutes (sitting too long without moving), genetic weakness of the valves of the blood and lymph vessels that allows back flow of fluid, or damaged vessels.

Back-flow in the veins and/or lymph vessels puts even more pressure on valves and causes them to stretch apart, allowing even more back flow. Like a balloon, once the valves have been stretched, it’s easier for them to stretch again, making the valves less able to hold back further back-flow.

To relieve pain from weak valves, you can perform the Foot ABCs for Lymphatic Drainage (described in Chapter 19) and elevate your feet often. This drains the lower extremities of the excess fluid.

Lymphatic drainage for knee pain

abc lymphatic drainage for knee pain

Figure: Lymphatic drainage.

If the valves are damaged enough, the relief will be temporary because standing up will cause the legs to swell again.

If raising the feet above the heart is not enough to provide lasting relief, you may need to wear compression stockings. You can choose from a variety of compression hose that come in different lengths and amounts of pressure.

Graduated compression socks are effective at preventing and treating varicose veins and swelling of the lower extremities. They gently squeeze the vein and lymph vessel walls together so they can close and prevent the back-flow from occurring.

Usually medical compression stockings are 15 mmHg or higher to compress the legs enough to support the veins and lymph vessels of the lower legs.

To learn more about compression socks, check them out on


When your knee is in pain, instead of taking pain pills (which have negative health consequences), think about applying a topical pain reliever. Why take a pill that affects your whole body and potentially harms your organs, when you can use a topical treatment that provides localized relief without the negative side effects of oral medication.

My favorite it CryoDerm. It is a cooling blend of menthol, arnica, and other herbs. It comes in spray, roll-on, and gel applications.

cryoderm sold at the best chiropractic clinic

This may work to alleviate your knee pain enough, that it will help you wean off of your pain medication. If not, try the following alternatives to pain pills.

Heat or Ice?

IF YOU ARE EXPERIENCING KNEE PAIN and are looking for an alternative to over-the-counter pain relievers, temperature therapy may be an option. Heat therapy and ice therapy are useful, and sometimes can be used interchangeably. 

heat or ice

The Safest Treatment For Knee Pain

I believe the safest self-treatment for most knee pain is to

1.     Heat the thigh and lower leg muscles (avoiding the knee) for ten minutes to bring nutrient-filled blood to the area and to relax the muscles of the lower extremity.

2.     Stretch the thigh and calf muscles gently while the muscles are warm and pliable (as shown in the stretches mentioned above).

3.     Finish with two minutes of ice to the most intense spot of pain in the knee to calm any inflammation that may have worsened with the heat and stretching.

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relieve your knee pain.


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Hidden causes of knee pain:

Collapsed Arches and Orthotics

 If you have equal leg lengths, yet your pelvis tilts, the tilt could be caused by one foot collapsing more than the other when you walk. The foot that collapses more will cause the pelvis to tilt just like a short leg would.

 The solution for collapsed arches is orthotics (a supportive device you wear in your shoes to provide additional support for your feet; Figure 19-6).


Figure 19‑6: Example of orthotics from Foot Levelers.

If one foot is more collapsed than the other, the knees, hips, and low back will be imbalanced, causing pain in one if not all regions (Figure 19-7).  Have your health practitioner look at your feet if you have knee pain. If the foundation you stand on is off, how can you expect your knees to be well?

over pronation consequences

Figure 19‑7: Collapsed arch causing an imbalance to the whole body (picture courtesy of Foot Levelers)

I have had patients who were seeing chiropractors on a regular basis because their treatments were not lasting. Some had to see a chiropractor more than once a week!

Once I examined them, I discovered their feet had collapsed. After I fit them with orthotics, their treatments started lasting!

If your treatments are not providing lasting relief for your knee pain, it may be because the foundation on which you stand is off! You may need orthotics to keep your body in alignment, to take the stress off of your back! Something worth examining. 

Even if your knees are not currently hurting, orthotics decrease the amount of stress on knees that lead to early wear and tear. Wearing orthotics before you hurt may prevent knee surgery in the future. Bonus! 

If you would like to learn more about orthotics, check out my book Combat Foot Pain, or CLICK HERE to be directed to our webpage on orthotics..

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