Knee Pain and Stiffness

Is your knee pain limiting you? 
Can't run the marathon you signed up for?
Missing out on walking with your walking group?
Gaining weight because you can't exercise with your knee pain?

We will get to the root cause of your knee pain, so when we treat it, it will not only feel better but be less likely to return. You do not have to be an elite athlete to take advantage of our sports chiropractic specialist.

That is the Drummond Difference. 

You may be surprised to find out that your knee pain is a symptom of poorly fitted shoes, lymphatic back up, tendonosis of a thigh muscle, or maybe it is caused by something wrong with your knee. Regardless of the cause of your knee pain, we will find it with a thorough history and exam, then determine the best treatment plan for it, even if it means referring you out. We are more affordable than orthopedic surgeons and physical therapists, so start with us, and if able, we will get you back on your feet as soon as possible. 

Dr. Michael McCoy is more than a spine specialist as a chiropractor, but also a joint (especially knee) specialist. He not only will work on your knee, but any issue that may be contributing to your knee condition. He can train you on how to restrengthen your body so that your knee is less vulnerable to re-injury.

In pain? Looking for tips to help relieve the pain? Check out our demonstration on how to use a foam roller and lacrosse balls.

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Don't blame your age for your pain

Don't blame your age! Blame your ailment. We can get to the root cause of your knee pain, and will refer you an appropriate specialist if warranted.

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If we determine that we CAN help your condition, we will treat same day, demonstrate home exercises and stretches you can do to speed your recovery. We will follow up the appointment with a Report of Findings email that details what your condition is, what our treatment plan is and lists the prescribed exercises and stretches, complete with videos that you can follow along with. To learn more, check out:

If your treatments are not providing lasting relief for your knee pain, it may be because the foundation on which you stand is off! You may need orthotics to keep your body in alignment, to take the stress off of your knees! Something worth examining.

Crooked man from footlevelers

With the figure above, can you see how if the arches of your feet are collapsing, that this places a strain on your knees. Collapsed arches causes the knees it rotate. Knees are hinge joints, so they like to bend straight (without any rotation). Wearing orthotics minimizes the collapsing of the arches of the feet, so minimizes the rotation of the knees. So wearing orthotics will also help your knees! Orthotics decrease the amount of stress on knees that lead to early wear and tear.  Bonus! We offer free foot scans!!!

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