Hip Pain

Are you experiencing hip pain? 

We will get to the root cause of your hip pain, so when we treat it, it will not only feel better but be less likely to return. That is the Drummond Difference. 

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Did you know hip pain can be caused by imbalances of the feet? Hip pain can also be referred from a pinched nerve in the back. This is why when you make an appointment with us for your hip pain, we will evaluate more than just your hip. We will get to the root cause of your hip pain to determine if you are a good candidate for your care. If not, we will help you find a specialist who can.

You may be surprised to find out that your hip pain is a symptom of imbalances of the feet, a pinched nerve in the pack, poor work economics, lymphatic back up, tendonosis of an arm muscle, or maybe it is caused by something wrong with your elbow. Regardless of the cause of your hip pain, we will find it with a thorough history and exam, then determine the best treatment plan for it, even if it means referring you out. We are more affordable than orthopedic surgeons and physical therapists, so start with us, and if able, we will get you back pain free as soon as possible. 

Dr. Michael McCoy is more than a spine specialist as a chiropractor, but also a joint (including hip pain) specialist. He not only will work on your hip, but any issue that may be contributing to your hip condition. He can train you on how to restrengthen your body so that your hip is less vulnerable to re-injury.

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Once we determine the cause of your hip pain, we will treat you the same day if warranted, e-mail you a report of findings (ROF). This ROF will explain your condition, give you home advice on what to avoid, list your stretches and exercises prescribed during your visit, additional advice (i.e. to heat or ice), treatment modalities we will use, goals and plan of action to get you well in as few visits as possible. 

For Dr. Mandi's demonstration of hip stretches, check out our YouTube Video:

Dr. McCoy demonstrating how to use a foam roller and lacrosse balls on the lower extremity:

Does running cause pain? Do you want to be able to run again? Dr. McCoy can help!

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For an example of what our ROF looks like, check out 

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All of our chiropractors specialize in low back and hip pain.
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