Restless Leg Syndrome

Do suffer from Restless Leg Syndrome? Looking for relief?

Here we will explain what restless leg syndrome is, common causes and natural remedies.

What is Restless Leg Syndrome?

Any condition that has the term syndrome means it is not understood, but there are many people that suffer from a similar group symptom. 

From google's dictionary a syndrome is "a group of symptoms which consistently occur together, or a condition characterized by a set of associated symptoms."

In this case, Restless Leg Syndrome is a syndrome where you have an urge to move you legs to relieve pain in your legs.

I believe it is caused by weak valves in the vessels of the lymphatic system, causing a "back washing" of the lymphatic fluid back down into the lower extremities. This fluid is full of metabolic waste like lactic acid, which irritates the surrounding tissues. It would also put pressure on the tissues of the lower extremities. This would explain why you feel the need to move, as movement of the lower extremities would help pump the fluid back up the legs into the torso, where it dumps back into the blood stream to be filtered out by the kidneys.

This would also explain why Restless Leg Syndrome occurs while sitting down, as sitting occludes the lymphatic flow. It also explains why it is worse in the evenings, as you have more metabolic waste to drain by the end of the day. 

This also explains why drinking alcohol, coffee and other diuretics worsen the condition, because you need to be hydrated for the lymphatic system to flow well.

Common causes of restless leg syndrome

Sitting too much, drinking diuretics, eating too much or not enough salt (imbalances electrolytes), vitamin deficiencies, and activity that stresses the lymphatic system.

Natural remedies for restless leg syndrome

The first obvious remedy is move. This is why you have the urge to move your legs. But do it with more intent on draining the lymphatic fluid. Do it with your legs elevated. Marry the movement with self massage.

A homeopathic remedy that works for restless leg syndrome is "Restful Legs". It can be found online and stores like CVS.

restful legs for restless legs

Check for vitamin deficiencies. 

If you are looking for supplements, but unsure which one to pick, check out

Fullscript - list of Dr. Karin's Favorite supplements Dr. Karin has created a list of supplements she approves of. Click Here to check it out.

Basically eat well, sleep well and move well.

healthy eating

Healthy sleep


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