Bad Breath (Halitosis)

In this video, Dr. Karin explains the five main causes of bad breath. 

Some are benign like tonsil stones, to more insidious causes. 

#1 is more obvious: poor oral hygiene, allowing overgrowth of odor causing bacteria. 

#2 may surprise you. Bacteria can hide behind the tonsils, causing bad breath. Do you know about tonsil stones? They can cause bad breath in people regardless of their oral hygiene. You have to pop them out to get rid of your bad breath. 

#3 is your nasal cavity may have bacterial overgrowth. This can cause stinky fluid to leak to the back of your throat causing bad breath. A sinus rinse with a Neti Pot should remedy this cause of bad breath. 

#4 is bad breath seeping up from your gut. Poor GI health can lead to bad body odor as well as bad breath. 

#5 is bad breath caused by being in a diseased state that causes the air emitted fro your lungs to have an odor. Kidney disease, liver disease, cancer and other health conditions can cause your breath to have an odor. This is why it is imperative to have a health care provider who can get to the root cause of your bad breath, and help you not just achieve good breath, but good health. 

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