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What is Chiropractic?

Taking a Natural Systemic Approach to Healing

Chiropractic is a way of looking at the human body as a whole. It's based on the idea that the body is self­-sustaining and self­-healing.

You know that your body is controlled by your brain, but the spinal cord and vast network of nerves that carry its messages are just as important. When this system is not functioning at its peak, your body’s overall performance suffers.

In the chiropractic world, we don’t use drugs to treat our patients. While supplementation and nutrition are almost always a part of the bigger picture, drugs and prescriptions can be viewed as band­aids to treat symptoms rather than treating the source of the problem. Chiropractic treats the problem naturally and in turn prompts the body to heal itself.

While it's often perceived that the chiropractor solely treats back and neck pain, this is a small piece of what the profession is capable of handling. Chiropractors not only treat soft and hard tissue problems such as sciatica and joint pain, but are largely called on to deal with many different health issues. Some of these issues include fibromyalgia, allergies, insomnia, and headaches among many more.

By Dr. Karin Drummond, Chiropractic Physician

SOME PEOPLE CONTEND THAT chiropractic medicine is less valid or less advanced than other forms of medicine. This is not true. It is sad to me that many people still consider chiropractic an “alternative” medicine or think that chiropractors just treat neck or back pain.

Chiropractors are primary care physicians who have as many years of education as a medical doctor. It only takes months to learn how to adjust, but years to learn differential diagnosis. A chiropractor knows when not to manipulate, when to refer a patient to someone else, and which specialist the patient should bereferred to, if need be.

There is little mystery on why chiropractic works. It has been scientifically studied for its efficacy and economy for decades. Chiropractors are more than just neck and back doctors. They can help not only with your pain but with so much more.

Chiropractors have more education in nutrition, anatomy, differential diagnostics, and imaging than medical doctors do. A medical doctor’s education is filled with
pharmacology, which chiropractors study minimally.

Medication versus Chiropractic

When you seek medical treatment, a medical doctor typically treats you with a drug, whereas a chiropractor can help you find a way to heal without using medication to mute your symptoms.

There is a reason medications require a prescription. I have had many patients who suffered terribly after taking just a few doses of a new medication prescribed by their doctor. Some of their more common side effects have included chronic pain, hormone imbalance, weight gain, and depression.

Serious negative side effects are real and do occur. This is why I strongly believe that if you have the time to see if the natural route works for you, you should pursue it. Medicine is better suited for critical ailments when you do not have the time to allow your body to heal itself. To use medicine for anything else is unhealthy in the long run.

If you can get better with chiropractic treatment and lifestyle changes, those approaches are better than turning to a pain pill. If you go the prescription route for pain, you are not solving the problem. You’re masking it and allowing the pain to worsen with time while the pain medication’s efficacy wanes.

Starting with Chiropractic

If you suffer from pain, chiropractors can help you determine the cause of it. They will treat you and/or refer you to another healthcare practitioner if necessary. They can also teach you how to naturally alleviate pain.

I look forward to a time when patients try chiropractic first to see if it can help (knowing their chiropractor will send them to a medical doctor or surgeon if they feel the patient’s condition is beyond what chiropractic can alleviate). Even if chiropractic does not work for you, you can always fall back on the medical route. But if you start with the medical route, especially surgery, sometimes there is no turning back.

I believe if people saw a chiropractor before going to a medical doctor, it would solve a lot of our healthcare problems in America (both the costs of healthcare and the general health of this country).

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