Geographic Tongue

Suffering from Geographic tongue?

Learn how I resolved my geographic tongue:

Does your tongue look like a map? 

Do you have Geographic Tongue?
Have you ruled out other causes of your tongue symptoms?
Looking for natural remedies for Geographic Tongue?
Medically, we do not scientifically understand fully why 2-3% of the population suffer with geographic tongue, but I have an hypothesis.
I believe the tongue is expressing a symptom of being in an inflamed state. In my case it was due to inflammatory foods and food sensitivities.
Medical doctors often will prescribe anti-inflammatories and pain relievers, but I wanted to not just feel better but be better.
So I removed inflammatory foods like wheat, pasta, even if gluten free.
I reduced sugars, even fruit.
I avoided artificial flavors and artificial additives.
I avoided preservatives.
I do probiotics daily anyways, but I would have added them if I didn't, as a healthy gut includes a healthy tongue.
For relief, I swished coconut oil in my mouth for a minute after every meal. Coconut oil is not only soothing but aids in healing.
I made sure to spit it out into a waste can as I did not want to harm my plumbing.
Within a couple months there was no sign of my geographic tongue.
However, to this day, when I go off this anti-inflammatory diet, my geographic tongue returns. I have to admit, it keeps me healthy.

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