Osteoporosis Prevention And Bone Health

Are you worried about the health of your bones? 

Worried about developing osteoporosis? Did a DEXA scan reveal you are osteoporotic or have osteopenia? 

You have come to the right place!  All of our chiropractors are well known for being more than neck and back pain doctors. We will help you create a daily regimen that will improve your not just your bone density, but more importantly, your bone strength. That is the Drummond Difference.


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Especially if you have osteoporosis?

Do you have back or neck pain, but unsure if you can see a chiropractor because you have osteoporosis, or some condition that limits your treatment options? We can still help! We have many gentle modalities to get you back to doing daily activities as well as activities you enjoy.

We have specialized equipment that enable us to treat a variety of patients. We offer very gentle and safe therapies for our more delicate patients. If you have osteoporosis and have pain, we can still help!

We have flexion tables that gently stretch the low back, providing relief from low back pain.

Flexion table for sensitive low backs

We also have drop tables and other gentle adjustment tools to help speed your recovery.

The health benefits of an adjustment are often greater than expected. Stretching the vertebrae of the spine apart with our gentle chiropractic tools creates more space for the nerves that exit the spinal cord, improves blood flow and lymph drainage increases. This allows nutrients to flow into and waste to flow out of the tissues, resulting in ideal conditions for the tissues to not only heal, but to function optimally. Bones need blood flow too! Without this space, there is more pressure on the nerves, blood vessels, and tissues, which inhibits the building of your bones and the healing of your injuries. As we ages, our bone growth and healing process slows, so anything that aids healing is imperative to our overall health of your body, including your bones.

Nerves especially do not like pressure; they function better with space. Better communication between the brain and the body makes for better functioning organs and better growing bones. This leads to more than just pain relief, but results in a healthier body in general, including denser bones. This is why patients often report their bones strengthen, the proprioception (balance) improves (reducing risk of falling), their muscles strengthen, pain resolves, as well as other effects like their sinuses drain, the pressure in their ears clears, and they no longer suffer from headaches. These are all great side effects. This is why I love chiropractic. In my opinion, chiropractic is the best treatment for most conditions!

After doing chiropractic adjustments on patients for neck pain, I often hear things like “I haven’t had a migraine since,” “My sinuses have cleared,” “My vertigo is gone,” “My carpal tunnel syndrome resolved,” and “My arms don’t fall asleep or hurt anymore.”

Nerves that exit the mid-back region send signals to the organs in the mid-torso, including the lungs, stomach, spleen, and liver. After doing chiropractic adjustments on patients for mid-back pain, I have heard things like “My GERD has improved” and “My asthma is better.”

Nerves that exit the lower back region of the spine send signals to the organs in the lower torso, including the lower intestines, reproductive organs, and lower extremities. After doing chiropractic adjustments on patients for low back pain, I often hear things like “My bowel movements have been more regular than ever,” and “My ED (erectile dysfunction) seems to have resolved.” 

I prefer these types of “side effects” to the side effects people experience with allopathic medicine, which often have incredibly long lists of possible negative side effects, including “Can cause death.” When you take any medicine, there is always some negative effect; sometimes that negative effect ends up outweighing the benefit.

With multiple experienced chiropractors on staff, we are likely to be able to get you an appointment today. We are here to help you on your journey back to health.  

Bonus: we can bill insurance. 



Most know calcium is important for bone health. But did you know not all calcium is good for you. If you have bone loss, the form of calcium you should look into is MCHC, as other forms of calcium can lead to gall stones and kidney stones. Believe it or not, milk is not the best food source of calcium.  Green leafy vegetables, such as kale, okra and spinach are better. Fish where you eat the bones, such as sardines, are also a great food source of the calcium you need for your bones. Bone broth is a good source of nutrients not only for your bones, but your joints and skin.

Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3 (food based) is essential for calcium absorption (the building block of your bones). If you take a Vitamin D supplement, verify with your health care practitioner that it is not synthetic (Vitamin D2) as that can lead to hardening of the arteries.

Magnesium and potassium

Magnesium and potassium are also vital in bone health. Magnesium influences Vitamin D absorption and the parathyroid hormone which affects the remodeling of the bone. Potassium influences the acidity of the body. If our body is too acidic, the body will release the calcium from the bones to decrease the acidity (like how the calcium in an anti-acid decreases the acid in our stomach when we ingest it). If you are deficient in any of these micro-nutrients, the health, density and strength of your bones will be negatively impacted. For strong bones, you need these nutrients! Again, bone broth is a great source of all of these essential nutrients. 

Watch the video above to learn more about supplements that help with osteopenia, osteoporosis and overall bone health. The video also warns about the hazards of some supplements, especially man made vitamins. If you want healthy bones, and prevent osteoporosis, you need to eat well, sleep well and move well.

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