Neck Pain and Torticollis

Do you have neck pain? Neck stiffness? Wake up and can't move your neck? 

All of the chiropractors at Drummond Chiropractic are excellent with neck and back pain relief. If you have NECK pain, no need to wait. Call us or Click Here to schedule a virtual or physical appointment. With being a group practice, one of our doctors will be available for you. 

We will get to the root cause of your neck pain, so when we treat it, it will not only feel better but be less likely to return. 
That is the Drummond Difference. 

Especially if you have a pinched nerve (pain running down your arm, numbness in your arms or hands or any weakness), don't wait! Waiting could result in permanent nerve damage! Again, with multiple experienced chiropractors on staff, we are likely to be able to get you an appointment immediately. Click Here to schedule with us.  We are here to help you on your journey back to health.

Looking for tips for neck stiffness and pain, check out the links below:

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How to use a Saunders Cervical Home Traction unit

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Again, all of the chiropractors at Drummond Chiropractic are excellent with Neck and Back pain relief. If you have ANY pain, no need to wait. Call us and one of us should be able to see you today!

To learn more about what we do for neck pain, check out Dr. Karin's book "Combat Neck Pain".

Once we determine the cause of your neck pain, we will treat you the same day if warranted, e-mail you a report of findings (ROF). This ROF will explain your condition, give you home advice on what to avoid, list your stretches and exercises prescribed during your visit, additional advice (i.e. to heat or ice), treatment modalities we will use, goals and plan of action to get you well in as few visits as possible. 

For an example of what our ROF looks like, check out:

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