Do you have painful joints? Swollen joints? 

Worried it is arthritis? Worried it will get worse with age?

Arthritis is not due to age but mis-use, over-use, and/or poor nutrition. 

Good news! Arthritis does not have to be painful.

Did you know the pain you feel is not from the arthritis but from the INFLAMMATION?

This is why some people have the gnarliest looking knobby arthritic hands, but no pain.

Better news! Arthritis CAN GET BETTER over time!!!

Your bones are not iron rods rusting with time. Your bones are living tissue. This means they can repair.

Your joints are not just padding between the bones that slowly wear away with time.

Your joints have cells (chondrocytes) inside the cartilage that repairs and replenishes the joints. The joints of your body need movement to be fed. There is a blood supply pumped to the joint by your heart. But for the nutrients to get inside your joints to feed the cells inside (the chondrocytes), the joint needs to move, to stir the fluid inside the joint, bringing in nutritients and swishing out the waste. That is why sitting is so bad for the joints of your spine. The discs between the bones of the spine get squished, and the discs degenerate over time.

Or with your hands, if you hold your phone too long, that can cause the joints of your fingers to starve, speeding the degenerative (arthritic) process.

But excessive pounding on the joints is not helpful either.

Your hands repetitively type on the key board can cause the joints of the fingers to micro-sprain over time, speeding the degenerative (arthritic) process..

Arthritis often occurs when either the joints starve for nutrients with immobility, your joints tend to get hurt faster than they can repair, or the joints going through periods of both extremes.

Another cause of arthritis is being deficient in the nutrients you need to repair your joints. If you are not eating the building blocks of the joints, how can your body repair it. It's like asking a construction crew to build a home, but not providing them bricks, stone or wood... You will end up with a straw and mud hut.

Good supplements for arthritis is glucosamine sulfate (the building blocks of the joints), turmeric (as it has curcumin which is a great anti-inflammatory) and MSM.

If you are looking for supplements, but unsure which one to pick, check out

Fullscript - list of Dr. Karin's Favorite supplements Dr. Karin has created a list of supplements she approves of. Click Here to check it out.

Other causes of arthritis are genetic vulnerabilities (where your body has a mutation in the genes that produce the proteins that make up your joints) or auto-immune diseases like Rheumatoid arthritis, Psoriatic Arthritis, etc. This is a whole different topic. On this webpage, we will be specifically talking about Osteoarthritis to dispel the myth that arthritis is due to aging.

If arthritis was simply due to aging, then everyone at a certain age would develop arthritis.

Age is a co-factor (not a cause) of arthritis. Arthritis take time to develop. Sadly, with more people sitting too much and a much younger age, we are seeing younger people develop arthritis and degenerative joint disease.


not your age but your ailment


If arthritis came with age, we every birthday we would expect more arthritis. "Oh, I'm 39 years old now, here comes arthritis in the knee. Oh, I'm 45 years old now, here comes arthritis in the neck." See how it does not work like that. Arthritis is from repetitive micro-tearing, spraining, inflammation or swelling of the joint from injury or mis-use over time.

Age is not a determining factor of how one feels, but a co-factor. If you are 55 years old, but stretch and exercise frequently, eat well and sleep well, you will feel better, be more strong and more flexible than a 35 year old who sits too much at a desk, eats too much, stresses and does not sleep well. There are many 30-year-olds with more arthritis than healthy 60-year-olds

At the time of writing this (2021), I am 47 years old and in better shape than most 26 year olds. Despite a few accidents and illnesses over the years, I feel great. I treat patients of all ages, and have watched my patients live through a couple of decades. I have watched young children grow into adults, and adults grow into their golden years. One constant I have seen with over time is that patients do not "age" until they go through a physical or emotional trauma. It is amazing how in one year, they go from vibrant to "old". 

This observation has motivated me to stay strong, flexible and joyous, every day.

If you take time to relax and lengthen, to allow the blood to flow, the lymph to drain and take pressure off the nerves that direct the healing process, you will heal.

If you stretch the tight muscles and strengthen the weak muscles in your body, you will be less vulnerable to re-injury.

This is why I 💕 LOVE 💕  chiropractic!

With one adjustment, patients report feeling decades younger, because their body feels lighter with the new freedom of movement. Their pain diminishes if not disappears. It makes them realize how good they can feel, despite their age. If you are in pain, CLICK HERE to check out our conditions page. Click what region ails you, and learn what you can do about it. You don't have to be in pain!

chiropractic helps arthritis



healthy eating

Healthy sleep


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