Also Known As Hemp Oil

Hemp oil has plant based cannabinoids (CBD). Every cell in our body has a need for cannabinoids to function well. When we are not eating well, stressed out, sleep deprived, etc., we diminish our supply of cannabinoids. When our cells are CBD deficient, they are un-well, making them vulnerable to disease state (Fibromyalgia, IBS, MS, Parkinson's, cancer, etc.).

Supplying a body deficient in cannabinoids with CBD enables it to recover and be well again. This is why the effects of ingesting CBD range from not much noticeable change to miraculous healing. The problem is getting the CBD from your digestive tract to the cells of your body.

CBD absorbed

The Problem

Oils is difficult to absorb from the gastro-intestinal tract.  Our GI tract has a lining of water.  Oil and water do not mix. Our gallbladder releases bile salts to emulsify the fat so we can better absorb fats, but most of the fats we eat pass through without being absorbed.  When you ingest oil, you absorb less than 10% of it.  

Typically, the therapeutic dose of CBD is 25-100 mg a day. 
Pure CBD is currently $35,000.00 a kilo.  If you must ingest 10 mg to get 6 mg of CBD, this can mean ingesting $20 worth of oil a day to get a therapeutic dose!  This is simply unaffordable for most people.

The game changing solution

To better absorb oil, it needs to be emulsified.  Emulsified oil is absorbed at 85% versus 6%.  The company, Purzorb, found a way to emulsify
the hemp oil on a commercial level!  This makes it way more affordable!

cbd absorbed

Now a smaller dose of oil has a exponentially stronger effect!   This makes it way more affordable.

Hemp oil available with out THC

The health properties of hemp has been known for millennia.  However, natural hemp oil also has THC (the chemical that produces the high associated with smoking marijuana).  

Purx7 Hemp oil from Zilis is completely free of the THC. So now, we have a way to ingest hemp for the health benefits legally as it is full spectrum hemp oil without any trace of THC.

Benefits of CBD without THC:

cbd benefits


I personally started taking the product earlier this month, and as healthy as I am, even I noticed improvements.  

Excited by this and the testimonials of others using this CBD oil, I decided to make it available to my patients, and carry it in my office.

I had a patient who had a tremor, who after one dose of CBD with in 10 minutes had a noticeable improvement in his tremor!

Weight loss

CBD is involved in appetite control.  Plus, patients noticed decrease in pain, increase in energy, improvement in sleep, and more.
 When you have more energy, less hunger and less pain, you tend to eat less and move more, resulting in weight loss!


Anxiety can be crippling. CBD is not a suppressant, but a modulator and supportive of nerve health.  Many of my patients report that when they take CBD, it takes the "edge" off where they can use the cognitive tools they have for their anxiety more effectively.

Testimonial: "I've been taking zilis 7 CBD hemp oil for two months now, not only has it completely eradicated my panic attacks, and anxiety, but... I've lost 14 pounds!!!  14 POUNDS!!! I was not expecting that benefit, this weight loss totally took me by surprise... the appetite suppression quality of this oil is certainly working for me! Thanks, zilis!"


Since CBD affects Vanillin receptors (which are important for pain modulation), CBD can have an effect on the perception of pain.  This can be helpful for those suffering from fibromyalgia.


CBD has anti-seizure effects!   CBD is neuroprotective (meaning it protects nerves), so if nerves are deficient in CBD, they are not as protected against conditions like MS, Alzheimer’s, post-concussion syndrome, and other neurological conditions.


Testimonials include improvement in sugar levels of patients with diabetes.  Plus, CBD helps curb one's appetite for sugar.


CBD is not a stimulant or suppressant. If the nerves in the brain are deficient in CBD, they will not function well.  This is how CBD indirectly
affects sleep.  A healthier brain makes for healthier sleep. Plus, CBD directly affects Adenosine receptors in the brain, which are involved in the sleep-wake cycle.

CBD is not a cure.  

Just like taking melatonin won't help your sleep if you are not deficient, taking CBD will not help your condition if you are not deficient in CBD.  

The only way to know if you are deficient in CBD, and whether or not taking CBD will help your specific condition, is to simply try it.  

If it helps, great!  If not, no harm was done.

If you would like to try this product, I am providing 7 day samples for $25 in my office.

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