growing pains

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Many claim growing pains is a sign of over use. I disagree. I have seen too many active kids without growing pains, inactive kids with growing pains and vice versa.

I believe growing pains are a result of a deficiency in Calcium and or Vitamin D.

Your bones have living cells in them that build and repair bone. They need calcium to do so. When bone grows and or repairs, their need for calcium goes up as they need calcium to build bone. To get more calcium, the "call" for more blood. If the blood is deficient in calcium, they will call for more blood. This can lead to the blood vessels swelling and inflame. Can you see how this can cause bone pain?

When my kids complained of growing pain, I would give them a chewable with calcium citrate, Vitamin D3 and magnesium citrate. Within 20-30 minutes, their pain would subside.

During growth spurts, I would give them this chewable nightly to prevent growing pains. As always, before trying any remedy, talk to us or one of your healthcare providers to see if it is appropriate.  

It worked for us. Hopefully it works for you.

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