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Dr. Mandi McCoy
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If you are pregnant - you should see a chiropractor 
(especially a Prenatal Specialist Chiropractor)
While pregnant, your body goes through many changes. These changes stress the body in different ways, and can lead to back pain, belly pain, sciatica and more.  Prenatal chiropractic treatments can help!
Chiropractors help your body adjust (yes, pun intended) to the bodily changes that comes with being pregnant. We can also help with advice on diet and exercise to keep you healthy throughout yourpregnancy.
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Why see a prenatal chiropractor even if you are feeling well? 
It is imperative to have a well-functioning pelvis to make for an easier delivery. To help you understand why, think about the anatomy of the pelvis. There is a joint between the pubic bones in the front of your pelvis and two joints on either side of your tail bone in the back of the pelvis. For the baby to pass through the pelvis more easily during delivery, these three joints need to be moving well. If the bones are moving well, it is easy for the baby to pass through as the bones are able to spread apart out of the baby's way.  Chiropractors help keep these joints moving well, making for an easier delivery. We have found that the function of the pelvis is more important than the size or shape of the pelvis in determining the ease of a woman's delivery.
How does a chiropractic adjustment differ for a pregnant women?
A prenatal chiropractic treatment is a specifically modified regular chiropractic treatment for the special needs of pregnant women. This is why it is best to see a prenatal chiropractor who specializes in working with pregnant women.

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All of our chiropractors can treat pregnant women, but Dr. Mandi is the best chiropractor on our team for you if you are pregnant.  Dr. Mandi McCoy is also a member of the ICPA (International Chiropractic Pediatric Association).   After having your baby, be sure to have Dr. Mandi do a thorough examination. Your medical doctor looks for disease. Dr. Mandi will make sure your baby is optimally well!
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Dr. Mandi McCoy Testimonials

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Dr. Mandi's Weeks of Pregnancy Series

Follow long with Dr. Mandi on her pregnancy journey and see what you can expect with your own pregnancy.She is due in January 2021!!!

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Dr. Mandi's Tips for Pregnant Women:

Webster Technique
Webster technique is a specific technique for patient's who are pregnant. This technique focuses on specific ligaments, muscles, and joints to make the pregnancy and childbirth experience easier. It works on the joints in the pelvis to ensure proper motion so that when the baby is coming through the canal, the pelvis is able to open up without issues. This technique also works on the ligaments to reduce tension on them so that they are not pulling on the uterus or pelvis which causes imbalances. Lastly, this technique works on the muscles by decreasing muscle tension so that they are not pulling on the pelvis. Having these imbalances decreases the space in the canal which can in turn increase the labor time and discomfort during the birth. 
This technique is also beneficial for the baby. By allowing the pelvis to be balanced it gives the baby more room which helps their bodies develop without restrictions. The uterus works best when pressure is taken off of it. Chiropractic therapy creates space in the body, allowing blood to flow, lymph to drain and nerves to function optimally. The increased abdominal space takes pressure off nerves which increases the neural stimulation that can help the baby develop.This allows the body to work at it's optimum, affecting not only the mother, but the unborn child. This is how the technique makes room for the baby to move into the best position for birth. Other techniques physically turn the baby directly, which is uncomfortable for the mother and has risks associated with it. The Webster Technique itself DOES NOT turn the baby, but instead opens up space in the mother's body creating room for the baby, making it easier for the baby to turn on its own. This is why the Webster Technique is gentle, feels good and is very safe. Especially if performed by a pregnancy expert like Dr. Mandi McCoy. Not only has Dr. Mandi had extra training on treating pregnant women, but has experience with being pregnant herself! 
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Other Treatment Options
  • At home exercises and stretching
  • Kinesio taping
  • Dynamic taping
  • Pregnancy Support Belts
  • Nutritional Counseling 
  • Supplement Support 

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Postpartum Care
The first thing you will notice after having a baby is how surprisingly weak your abdominal muscles are after months of being stretched. To help restrengthen your abdominal muscles (especially your lower abdominal muscles) check out our YouTube video:
For an easier version, check out this video:
If you have had a c-section, we are Graston Trained Specialists and have the tools to help break up the adhesions and soften your c-section scar for a speedier and more full recovery.
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