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Drop Table: a gentle chiropractic technique

The drop table technique uses a gentle impulse to free up restrictions in the spine. The patient lays down on the table, with the tight area over the drop region of the table. The drop section of the table is raised up, then the chiropractor places their hand on the affected region, performs a gentle impulse, and the bones are mobilized by the section of the table dropping away. This painless technique is safe to perform on most patients, and can be used for almost any joint on the body. Watch the video above to learn more.

Dr McCoy explaining drop table gentle chiropractic technique


Activator adjusting tool: the most gentle chiropractic treatment

Dr. McCoy showing how we can use the activator for a gentle chiropractic treatment Dr. McCoy showing how we can use the activator for a gentle chiropractic treatment

The activator chiropractic adjusting tool

The activator chiropractic adjusting tool uses a spring loaded hand held small mechanical tool that introduces a quick shallow impulse to a region. The impulse is so quick, the muscles can not contract fast enough to resist the impulse, allowing for an effective movement of the bone it is applied to. It also introduces a quick stretch to the muscle it impulses on, to provide a quick stretch, eliciting the quick stretch reflex, causing any tight muscle impulsed on to relax.

The applied force is localized and does not put the joint in any compromised positions, such as bending or twisting, make it a very safe adjustment technique. The force is shallow enough, it is not likely to cause any injury, even in frail patients. This makes the activator a great option for those who can not handle more aggressive therapies, such as those with osteoporosis.  This gentle chiropractic technique can be used for almost any joint on the body.

Flexion Table: another gentle chiropractic treatment

The flexion table uses a gentle traction technique to stretching approach to mobilize the spine. The patient is strapped to the table, then the table slowly bends to introduce a stretch to the spine. Traction provides relief to the patient, improves spinal range of motion, and stretches tight muscles. This painless technique is safe to perform on most patients.

flexion table gentle chiropractic technique

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