What (not) to do after your chiropractic treatment

Move but don't strain

After a chiropractic manipulation, you may feel amazing, and want to test out the few found freedom of movement in your body. However, since the region of your body that was adjusted will be looser than you are used to, it may not be wise to do new activities. You may strain the area, or cause it to inflame.

Usually you should not lift unusually heavy items, or do a new activity right after an adjustment. However, you do not want to baby your body. You want to keep this healer improved range of motion. So avoid sitting for to long. 

Go for a nice walk, or do an activity you do on a regular basis.

Basically, keep moving, but with care. After an adjustment, since you are looser, you may go to move and your body moves farther than expected, and you may mis-step and fall.  So we often we will suggest to people to work on their proprioception (your awareness of where they are in space).  You can do this by simply standing on one leg with your eyes closed, but by a counter so you can grab it if you start to wiggle too much. To learn more CLICK HERE.

Do the stretches and exercises prescribed

Usually your chiropractor will suggest stretches and or exercises that will help you hold the benefit of your adjustments. Make sure to do them, and as frequently as prescribed.

Drink Plenty of Water

After an adjustments, muscles relax which allows for the release of any metabolic waste that was trapped inside them. If you are not hydrated enough, you will not be able to flush out this waste, and it may settle in other areas. This waste includes lactic acid, which can cause a burning sensation. 

Don't just drink plenty of water after your treatment, make it part of your daily routine. Proper water intake is imperative for your good health. If you do not drink enough water on a daily basis, your body will start to get used to being in a dehydrated state, and you will not even feel thirsty. But chronic dehydration can cause muscle pain, weakness, headaches, and other health problems. 

Follow your treatment plan

Your chiropractor will inform you of a treatment plan for your specific needs. The treatment plan should be the least number of visits to get you to your health goals. If you miss a visit or go longer between treatments, it may prolong your condition.

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