Chest Pain

Do you have chest pain? Or want to learn more about chest pain and the warning signs it is from something more insidious like a heart attack? Or if your chest pain is from something with a simple fix, like a rib out that just needs to be popped back in? Then this video is for you:

In this video, Dr. Karin, owner of Drummond Chiropractic, shares with you how to decide if you need to seek immediate medical attention or if your pain is something a chiropractor can treat. She made this video because she has been seeing more patients with chest pain. Some that needed pacemakers, others that had a rib out so bad they thought they were having a heart attack and a new patient that came in after a year of being poked, prodded, imaged and even had her gall bladder removed, without relief. Just one visit, and she felt better. Her pain was from a rib being out and it just needed to be popped back in! So, they took out her gall bladder for no reason, and now she has to watch what she eats or take a pill if her food is too fatty.

This is why it is important to have a chiropractor who can be your friend in the healthcare world. If a surgeon says you need surgery, that can be questionable, but if your chiropractor agrees, chances are you need that surgery. 

So lets talk about symptoms you should not ignore:


If you have neck pain, jaw, shoulder, upper back, chest or upper belly (abdomen) discomfort, please see some healthcare professional. I’m biased, I would see a chiropractor because we can diagnose the root cause and either treat you, or send you to the appropriate specialist

If your Chest pain is with Shortness of breath, no question, get immediately checked out by a medical doctor. 

  • Again, this can be due to a heart condition or lung condition
  • Shortness of breath is normal if you physically exerted yourself excessively, but if you are doing a normal activity and develop shortness of breath, see your medical doctor immediately, you could be having a heart attack, and time is critical, so don’t hesitate, call 911
  • I have had patients with shortness of breath and a tightness in their chest, some even thinking it was a rib out, but they could not find a position of relief, so I referred them out, to find out they had a pulmonary – again, if you have chest pain unaffected by the position of your arms or torso, you need to get checked out by a medical doctor
  • If you have been unexplainable weight loss, this is another sign you are in a diseased state and need to get checked out by your medical doctor.
  • Coughing hard can sprain the muscles between the ribs, causing pain when you cough, but if you have chest pain separate from your cough, the pain may be coming from inflammation in the lungs. Again, this needs to be checked out.
  • Pain from any cause, if bad enough, can make you nauseous
  • But if you have chest pain with nausea – don’t wait, it can be another sign of a heart attack
  • If your nausea and chest/abdominal pain is after eating, it could be from your stomach, gall bladder, pancreas or other part of your digestive system. It could even be referred pain from other organs like your kidney or appendix.
  • Pay attention to your stools, if they are light colored, black or odd looking, this can be another sign of something wrong with one of your digestive organs. Brownish colored urine is a also a sign of gall bladder issues.
  • If you have yellowing of your skin or yellowing of the whites of your eyes, have your liver and gallbladder checked.
  • If a patient comes in with chest pain with lightheadedness or dizziness, or excessive sweating, unusual fatigue and or heartburn I want them check out by a cardiologist before adjusting them.

If their heart is healthy, then these symptoms can be from a rib being out causing the severe chest pain, causing the neck to go out, which can cause cervicogenic dizziness, and heartburn can be from a poor diet.

I can’t tell you how many times people came in saying their doctors don’t know what the cause of their pain is and that “nothing is wrong with them”, and just one or two visits, they are pain free. I love these types of patients, because I don’t have to worry about the scary causes of chest pain, and I look like a miracle worker. This is why if you have these symptoms, see your medical doctor first.

If you go to the medical doctor first, and they are struggling to figure out the cause of your pain, I hope this video encourages you to visit a chiropractor to see if it is something they can treat. If you have been told you need surgery, and it’s not an emergency surgery, like they schedule your surgery out a month, see a chiropractor while you are waiting for the surgery. Bonus if they get you well and you can cancel the surgery. I have many patients that wish they saw me before their surgeries because the surgeries did not fix their problem and now, they have new problems and scars. Like the patient I talked about earlier.

  • Chest pain with coughing
  • Chest pain with nausea or vomiting
  • Lightheadedness or dizziness, excessive sweating, unusual fatigue and or heartburn


So, if you have chest pain, and you CAN find a position of relief, have no shortness of breath or other symptoms of a heart attack, at least see your chiropractor. A chiropractor will be able to diagnose the cause of your chest pain and either treat it, or send you to the specialist you need for your specific condition, be a cardiologist, pulmonologist, oncologist etc.

If you have concerns that you may be having a heart attack or some organic cause of your pain (like a gallbladder attack or pancreatitis), do not hesitate to seek immediate medical attention. Call 911! I cannot stress enough how it is better to be safe than sorry, dead.  

Here at Drummond Chiropractic, we pride ourselves in being our patient’s friends in healthcare, so we can help them navigate through their medical decision making. At least call us, and we can help you decide which healthcare provider to see, or to confirm yes you do indeed need to go to the emergency room. I’ve had to convince several of my patients over the years to seek immediate medical attention.

I hope this helps you better understand if you have chest pain, you need to see a doctor of some type. Please, do not ignore your chest pain.

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