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• Is work/life balance important for you? Do you want flexible hours and paid vacation? Free weekends? Do you want an opportunity to make a six figure income? One of our core values is self care so we can better care for others. To us that means our associates are paid well and not over worked. BONUS - We have a furnished apartment above our clinic to host you while you visit us to check out if we are as good as we sound. You can check out our apartment on AirBnB:

Learn why Dr. Campbell loves working here as an associate
(after 13 years working in another chiropractic office), watch:

Learn why we are hiring and what it is like working with us in this short 5 minute video clip:

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We may be the CHIROPRACTIC
associate position For You if:

• Are you looking for an opportunity to work in a supportive environment? Without the worry of having an overbearing boss that gives you scripts on what to say or how to treat your patients? Then look no further. Dr. Karin gives her docs the freedom to do what they love best: chiropractic. Our only requirement is that our patients are getting better and happy with their care. 

• Looking for job security? Where you can make a six figure income? We have been in practice for over 23 years, surviving 9/11, the recession of 2008, and the pandemic in 2020. We have the financial cushion to support our team through another crisis.

• Do you hate to go out to drum up business and market yourself? No problem! We are over flowing with patients and average around 100 new patients a month. We are past ready for a new addition to our team. Maybe that is YOU!

• Worried you will have to see 50+ patients a day? Nope. Our chiropractors see between 20-35 patients a day, depending on their preference.

• Are you dreading dealing with insurance companies and billing issues? No worries! We have an amazing staff that takes care of all of that for you.

• Would you like to have the support and back up of successful chiropractors, one with over 23 years of experience? That's the owner: Dr. Karin Drummond and her experienced team of chiropractors. We meet weekly to go over difficult cases, to ensure we are providing the best possible care. We have each other's back...pun intended :)

• Bonus, we have top of the line adjusting tables, software like ChiroUp, Review Wave, ChiroTouch. We have the protection of BTech against cyber attacks (which does happen). We pay Ty the HIPPA guy to keep us HIPPA compliant. We have a handbook of work safety procedures. We pay for NCMIC's malpractice for all of our docs. We cross our t's and dot our i's and will teach you how reduce your risks of things you may not even be aware of. That is the Drummond Difference. We are more than great clinic of chiropractors, we are a great business to work for.

• Is your surroundings important to you? Our clinic is spacious, clean and modern. We have high end automatic elevation/flexion tables, making adjusting easier on your body. We have tools like Graston, Cupping, Activator, to give you more diversity in treating a variety of patients.

• Do you want to live in a college town with big city amenities, great local ethnic restaurants surrounded by lakes and forests? That describes where we are, in Bloomington, Indiana. A great place to raise children with the bonus of affordable living.


Dr. Henry has decided to move. He and his wife want to live between his family and his wife's family. She is expecting with their second child and they want to be closer to the Grandparents. We are sad to see him go, but he leaves with our blessings.  We have four chiropractic associate positions, and with him leaving one is opening. 

If you are looking for a job opportunity where you can focus on being the best chiropractor you can be, in a fun and supportive environment, check out our YouTube videos above to see if we are the chiropractic team for you. 

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