Chiropractic Associate Job Opportunity

We are growing and have an opening for a chiropractic associate in bloomington in 2022!

 If you want to learn more about the opportunity to work with us, check out our YouTube video:

We are growing and are now looking for a chiropractor to join our team.

Our patients are our family, and we want the piece of mind knowing if we are on vacation, our patients are being taken care of. Plus, we are at the point were new patients are wanting in, and have to wait a day or two. We would love to be able to provide same day appointments and emergency weekend care, so our patients do not have to wait in pain. If you are passionate about chiropractic care and caring for your patients, and are looking for a team who will support you, we may be the position you are looking for.

We may be the CHIROPRACTIC associate position you have been looking for if:

  • You are looking for an opportunity to work steady hours, without the worry of with dealing with insurance companies, or a boss that gives you scripts on what to say or how to treat your patients.   Where you can just focus on being a good chiropractor... then we may be the chiropractic clinic you have been looking to work for.
  • Looking for job security? We have been in practice for over 20 years, surviving 9/11, the recession of 2008, and are grew during the pandemic. With more patients being comfortable leaving the homes after not exercising and being under stress, they are in need of chiropractic now more than ever. We see 4-10 new patients A DAY! We are so ready for a new addition to our team. Maybe that is YOU!
  • Do you hate to go out to drum up business? We can't stress this enough. We do NOT expect our chiropractors to find their own patients. If you had to do that, you might as well start up your own practice!
  • Do you worry you will have to call insurance companies, or deal with billing issues? No worries!  We have an amazing staff that takes care of all of that for you. All you would have to do is show up to work, and focus on what you worked so hard to become, a chiropractor!
  • Would you like to be under the mentorship of successful chiropractors with over 20 years of experience each?  That's the owner: Dr. Karin Drummond. Plus, we have Dr. Mandi and Dr. McCoy who are also happy to share their specialized knowledge. if you find yourself with a patient that you are worried about, we will have your back (pun intended). The Drummond Difference is every patient that comes to our clinic knows that if the chiropractor they see can't fix them, we all put our heads together to decide the best course of action moving forward, be it with another one of us, or referring them out to a different specialist. We all work together to get the best results for our patients.
  • Do you want to live in a college town with big city amenities, great local ethnic restaurants surrounded by lakes and forests? That describes where we are, in Bloomington, Indiana. A great place to raise children with the bonus of affordable living.

Do you want steady work, would rather work weekends to have weekdays off, low stress work environment, paid vacation, paid malpractice, paid continuing education, supportive staff and other benefits? Then you may be the chiropractor we are looking for!

We may not be the position you are looking for if you are unwilling to work weekends. Dr. Karin needs coverage for Saturdays while she is on

What our staff thinks about us:

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Why we love our job video:

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We are growing so fast, we already need an additional FRONT STAFF member, making for another JOB OPPORTUNITY IN BLOOMINGTON

Looking for a work environment that is caring, fun, supportive, clean, ergonomic, pleasant and low stress?  Enjoy helping people? 


- make patients feel welcome in our clinic - answer phones - schedule patients  - data entry of patient information - insurance verification phone calls - keep the clinic clean - putting patients on and off passive therapy machines - assist the office manager as needed - be an advocate for chiropractic

Is this a good job opportunity for you?  We are looking for someone who:

- answers phones with a cheerful voice
- is good with remembering faces and names
- can multitask
- likes to smile
- wants to learn
- cares for people
- shows up early and willing to stay late
  - able to work weekends

You do NOT need past experience. We are happy and able to train you all the skills you need. We are looking for the best personality fit. We can train you skills but can't (and nor would we want to) change who you are.

If you are looking for a receptionist position, we may be the receptionist job you have been looking for.

We do NOT want someone who: - tends to be tardy - gossips - brings drama - needs to be on their personal cell phone often - is rude - doesn't like to clean

If you would like to learn more about us, check us out on our YouTube channel, FB page and website.

Our original job posting... Notice our plants are not only surviving Dr. Karin's care, but thriving!  FYI, we no longer offer massage therapy in our clinic. 


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